Wilde Cocktails: Worst Thing You’ve Done to Your Husband

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When taking a bath becomes a hairy occupation…

The Curious Mummy is still mulling over whether I can air her confession. Yep, that bad. Hopefully, she will let me release the story and her milky breasticles next week!

Happy viewing. X

Wilde Cocktails with The Curious Mummy

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Welcome to ‘Wilde Cocktails’

Wilde Cocktails is a brand new segment where Vanessa chats to bloggers and celebrities about parenthood over strong gin cocktails.

My first guest, and general guinea pig, is yummy mummy Donna Jackson a.k.a The Curious Mummy: @thecuriousmummy.

Over the next few weeks I will post some of our most embarrassing moments of motherhood as we natter and drink heavily at Mr. Fogg’s Residence in London: @mrfoggsgb


Love, Vanessa x

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