About the Author

Charlotte Reather is a thirty-something mother-of-two-daughters, writer and military wife whose two passions are the Countryside and Comedy.

Co-author of the International Bestseller “Extreme Fishing” with Robson Green (published by Simon & Schuster). It reached Number One in the Sunday Times Bestsellers list and has 5-star reviews.

Charlotte writes the popular monthly column ‘Charlie’s Challenges’ for NFU Countryside Magazine (since 2012) and has done over 80 challenges having-a-go at everything from horse dentistry and sheep shearing, and bell ringing and swan upping to book binding and hop picking!

She writes numerous features, also wrote the ‘Wild Life’ column in The Field magazine (2008-2012) and contributes to Country Life as well as many other titles and newspapers.

She has written many TV sitcoms (Gimme Shelter, Smothered, Dirty Posh Girls) none of which has made it to series! She is hoping Vanessa Wilde breaks the mould. (Working on the if you throw enough sh*t at the wall principle)

She wrote a film comedy about a mistaken gender reassignment called “All About Dick” and a black comedy about an online suicide called “Dead End” (both optioned). 10 years ago they were deemed crazy; now not so much! (Both projects are available)

When Charlotte was 14 she opened the Harrods Sales with Richard Gere. Fact.

Oh, and she also did a spot of stand up. But that’s enough about me; I mean her. Ahem. Oh come on, like you don’t write your own bios?! Haha.