Hard Boiled & ‘Over-Refreshed’.

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I don’t know about you folks but my brain has gone from lightly coddled to hard-boiled in this epic heatwave because our house is hotter than a hot box on Love Island.

Simon and I take hydration very seriously so I have been drinking all weekend – mainly Pimms, pink and Prosecco and I accidentally got a little ‘over-refreshed’ yesterday at Henley where, incidentally, I didn’t see a single horse all day.

When Si saw I had ‘stroke-face’ I was swiftly evacuated from the Stewards’ Enclosure because apparently, that’s when ‘I started to act up’. (Such rubbish) And I’d already had a stern warning from some village matriarch about using a mobile phone and threatened with a lifetime ban…

And then when we arrived home at midnight, via a purveyor of delicious kebobs, we found the fire brigade in The Close, extinguishing the fire Doctor Nick had started after putting his hot coals against my back fence.  Owff.  Apparently, the flames were seven feet high but his hose just wasn’t long enough to tackle the job.  But that’s all for another time because I’m off to wallow in an ice bath and recover my form like Andy Murray.

Normal service will resume next Sunday at 19:00 BST.

Love, Vanessa xx


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